Start your own Franchise

If you are a qualified accountant or experienced bookkeeper interested in setting up your own bookkeeping business as part of a fast expanding national network Busy Bookkeeping may be the answer you are looking for. We have areas suitable for franchise in many parts of Australia and we are looking for suitably experienced team players to continue our successful growth.

The costs of acquiring a Busy Bookkeeping franchise are moderate.

 Busy Bookkeeping is growing strongly around Australia. We are building an excellent group of franchisees, who find that Busy Bookkeeping is flexible enough to meet a range of expectations.


It has been proven that the Busy Bookkeeping model satisfies the huge requirements of the small business community. With GST and BAS creating a real need for the services our franchises provide, there has never been a better time to explore this excellent business opportunity.



Busy Bookkeeping supplies three basic products or services to accountants and their clients or directly to small and medium businesses. These are:

We look at how a client currently does their bookkeeping, decide what system best suits their future needs and install this for them making allowance for any variations required by their particular business or industry. Importantly, we are not tied to the supply of any particular software package and are happy to install MYOB, Quickbooks or any other system basing our decision on what is best for the client.
We provide one-on one or small group training on most software computer systems. While there are instruction manuals or general training courses available, we find that there is no substitute for on the job training that is specific to an industry or enterprise.
Either a permanent part time contract or as locums to meet overloads caused by loss of staff, holidays, sickness or the need to see accurate figures quickly.



Many of our Franchisees choose to start their businesses from a home office to save on start up costs. However, Busy Bookkeeping has also proved to be an effective vehicle for professional bookkeeping services based in commercial premises. Over time, franchisees tend to evolve through several models as their businesses grow. The Franchisor encourages and coaches franchisees in growing their businesses.

We aim to maintain the highest possible standards of quality and service to all Busy Bookkeeping clients but we are also committed to maintaining the flexibility that allows each licensee to grow their business either from a home or a commercial base.



Our new franchisees are initially trained and coached in our system and become part of our exclusive development process.

The training is structured so as to ensure a National Standard of excellence for all our Franchisees.

We agree a business plan for each business within our network and commit ourselves to work with Franchisees until the goals set in these plans are realised.



Our experienced support team, includes top performing franchisees, and is committed to your business growth and to providing ongoing advice, ideas and information to help in this.


We believe that bookkeeping can be regarded as a separate and neglected profession providing services which are complimentary to, but not competitive with, accountancy. While many of our Franchisees are qualified accountants, we do not undertake any taxation, compliance, or financial planning work. Busy Bookkeeping's objective is to provide accountants and their clients with accurate, timely and affordable records from which informed decisions may be made with confidence.


One of the most important aspects of the Busy Bookkeeping philosophy is to encourage free interchange of ideas and experience between Franchisees. To facilitate this, regular workshops are held. Further, a discussion forum has been added to our members web site to further facilitate information interchange with remote locations.